brownies w ganache.jpg

Brownies frosted with Ganache

Double Chocolate Brownie frosted w/ Ganache

6 brownies $15 +tax

12 brownies $25 +tax

Caramel apples different toppings.jpg

Caramel Apples

Caramel Apples

Plain $7 +tax

Caramel Apples w/additional Topping $8 +tax

Toppings include:

Peanuts, chocolate chips, mini M&Ms, Heath Bits, Peanut Butter Chips, crushed Oreos, coconut, rainbow Jimmies, chocolate drizzle & crushed graham crackers

birthday cookie box.jpg

Celebration Box


9 cookies & personalized note

Cookie Choices

Frosted Sugar Cookie

Chocolate Chip

PB Chocolate Chip


Double Chocolate Chip

 $15 +tax

delivery included for most areas

Valentine's Day Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

$15 +tax

Valentine's Day Brownie Cake

$15 +tax

Valentine's Day Cookie Cake/Breakable Combo

$12 +tax

Included M&Ms, conversation hearts, Hershey kisses all in the breakable along with a mallet

Mini cookie cake w/ Lindt truffle & mini KitKat on top & tag for box

indiviaul heart cookie cake_edited.jpg

Valentine's Day Individual Cookie Cake


$6 +tax

Includes mini KitKat & Lindt Truffle